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Dual-view Dumpers




This vehicle is extremely versatile, with unrivalled performance in restricted spaces such as narrow alleyways in city centres, lanes or alleys, or tunnels, and provides the ideal solution when driving reversibility, visibility and safe manoeuvrability are absolute necessities for transport of materials. This is the most compact vehicle of its segment (4,000 kg capacity, 180° pan rotation and three-way dumping). Our dumpers guarantee perfect traction and manoeuvrability on rough terrains, while also ensuring driving safety, flexible and user-friendly in both directions (forward and reverse).




Featuring 4x4 hydrostatic transmission (four drive wheels and four steering wheels), the Fiori SW series dumpers offer outstanding manoeuvrability and also a tipper body with 180° positioning for unloading on all three sides, guaranteeing users complete site coverage and  the ability to reach any spot. With a load capacity of 9,000 kg, the D 90 SW model completes the range for applications in which visibility, comfort (bridge with tilting limiter), and operator safety (level II ROPS/FOPS cab) are indispensable to ensure safety during work transporting and unloading large amounts  of materials. Featuring a reverse drive system which is exclusive to Fiori, the D 90 SW guarantees safe driving whichever way you're moving, forwards or back.




Our 4x4x4 SW series dumper trucks feature a tipper body and 180° positioning for tipping on all three sides to ensure complete coverage of all areas of the worksite. With a load capacity of 10,000 kg, the D 100 SW model is the ideal hydrostatic transmission dumper for all applications where drive, visibility, and safe manoeuvrability are vital for transporting and unloading large quantities of materials. Featuring an exclusive reverse drive system and operator protection including a ROPS/FOPS cab, the D 100 SW guarantees safe driving whichever way you’re moving, forwards or backwards.

Dual-view Dumpers: New Inventory
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